Skeleton Jigsaw



An evil sorcerer cast a spell on a noble soldier, turning him into an animated pile of bones with no memories. Through collecting several pieces of a magic jigsaw puzzle, the soldier is able to rebuild his memories and regain his humanity and abilities, by which he'll defeat the sorcerer and free the lands from his evil.


You can play the game in: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera, Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android, Dolphin and Android's Default Browser.


Skeleton Jigsaw started as a little prototype that we used to test frameworks, technologies and possibilities. After a while, we decided to invest more time on it and release a demo, so here it is!

Browser based

Skeleton Jigsaw was built with Impact, a HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript game engine. You can play the game in a vast number of browsers and devices, anywhere you go.